Kriti - working with the urban poor  
Primary education in India is severely underfunded today, cutting off access to free and holistic education to society’s poorest. Studies show that only 20% of the school-going population in India opts for government schools, half of whom drop out due to lack of basic facilities like infrastructure and proper teachers. To keep these children in school, the gap between government and private schools needs to be bridged. The first step towards this effort is to invest especially in government schools that see an influx of children from low-income families. A good primary education for these children can open doors that were hitherto beyond their reach.
Description of the program
  • Currently Adopted two schools in the Shaikpet Mandal in the Film Nagar area slums: MG Nagar Government Primary School and BJR Nagar Government Primary School.
  • Adding to the infrastructure and hiring teachers to improve status of the government schools.
  • Providing essentials like notebooks and art and craft supplies to the children to ensure their education is unhindered.
  • Starting play school centers for children aged 3-5 years to aid their development of motor and social skills.
  • Added sports teachers and provided sports equipment to three government primary schools
  • Planning to increase impact and add several more government schools in the area to this program.
  • Enrollment at MGN Nagar school increased from 40 students to 170 children
  • Children from low-income families get the required access to primary education without having to worry about limited resources at their disposal.
  • Improved infrastructure and teachers ensure that the children are provided with the appropriate environment to facilitate learning and development.
  • Focus on extra-curricular activities like sports and art to ensure that children get well-rounded, quality education.
We are looking for volunteers to teach spoken English, Math, Art and music to the children in the government schools. Knowledge of either Hindi or Telugu is required to ease communication with the children while teaching English or Math.
Every year, the children need stationery, notebooks, shoes etc. If you would like to donate any of these or volunteer, please contact Sreelata at