We can make a small payment to buy them a meal


Karim lives with his family in Film Nagar, Hydrebad. He is a proud father of Samaira and Yusuf. Samaira is a bright student and she wants to become a doctor to serve the community. While Yusuf wants to become an IAS officer to serve India. Karim strongly believes in their dreams and saves a portion of his earnings from driving his auto rickshaw for Samaira's and Yusuf's education.

However,in these testing times of the CoronaVirus outbreak, Karim is unable to ride his auto due to the loack down. His food supplies are running out and soon he will tap into Samaira and Yusuf's education savings to ensure the family is able to get a few meals a day. Corona Virus is not just impacting their safety, but its repercussion on the economy are also squashing their family's dreams and threatening their livelihood.


We, at Kriti are determined to ensure that Karim does not see his family slip into poverty. We are determined that Samaira and Yusuf are able to live their dreams. We are determined to not let them sleep hungry, even a single night.They should know that when papa is unable to ride his auto and bring money home, the whole nation will stand by them. Kriti is already preparing food packets that we plan to send to Karim's family every month until this pandamic ends. These food packets will include salt,sugar,oil,rice,lentils,Spices and flour that will cost only RS 1000/ family / month.

There are thousand of other families like Karim's. These are street vendors, taxi drivers, auto drivers, maids, courier boys, and other daily wage earners who have been serving us all this while and it is now our time to stand with them. They need our help and we can help them by making a small contribution.

We can make a small payment to buy them a meal.

A receipt of the payment will be issued for each contribution that can be used to obtain income Tax relief under section 80G.

These are extraordinary times and require extraordinary individuals to take extraordinary steps to help the lives of Karim,Samaria,Yusuf and other such families. WE can all help.

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