Mentoring Programs – An overview

Mentoring programs at Kriti were part of Project Disha since its inception. We believe that the mentoring program has a high impact in keeping the children in school and helps them aim higher thus motivating them to study

The mentoring program is held for different groups of children and their mothers. The groups are:

  • Women’s Mentoring – For all mothers of the children in the scholarship program.
  • Grade 10 and above
  • Grades 7, 8, and 9
  • Grades 3 to 6

The group meets on Saturday evenings for about 2 hours. All children are taken for an educational and fun excursion each year.

Group 1: Women’s Mentoring

These sessions are held for all mothers of the children in our program. Modules on various topics were developed such that mentor volunteers have a framework to impart the information more consistently. These modules are comprehensive with research material, notes for the speakers, activities for the women, videos etc. Session Topics included:

  • Gender/Sex, Gender Roles and Work & Gender
  • Gender-Based Violence (and How to Deal with It), Self defence
  • Self Esteem
  • General Health and Women’s Health
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition and Home Remedies
  • Anger and Stress Management
  • Time Management

Group 2: Grade 10 and Above

Project Disha mainly gives scholarships up to grade 10 which is considered a “basic education” level. Many employers consider candidates who are educated at least to this level. Once they complete grade 10, the children begin thinking about their careers and future study options. As the education they received so far was mainly academic, this mentoring program was adapted to teach them life skills and soft skills.

Group 3 and 4: Children in grades 3-9

Children is these age groups are taught age level topics that engage them and improve their knowledge. There is a strong focus on STEM Education along with information about the world around them

STEM Topics

Children are exposed to hand on experiments showing principles of science, astronomy and math. Relevant videos on these topics, simple household materials that would explain the concepts were used by volunteers.

The World around us

Children learn about the world and became aware of their surroundings. Information about different countries and their people, national and international events, stories of inspiring people etc are shared.

Covid Impact and Online Mentoring

The physical mode of mentoring was stopped after Covid. The scholarship program continued as usual but due to schools moving to online mode, we could not meet the students.

We saw many children stopping school and unable to follow online method of education. It became very difficult to motivate the children to continue their education. The impact was felt a lot more on children in grade 10. They were in their final year of school and this is an important step to finish their basic education.

The team at Kriti came up with an innovative solution to conduct mentoring also online. Some of the highlights of the program are below:

  • Made smaller groups of students with mentors so that the mentoring sessions are more one – on – one. We divided the students and have a mentor to student ratio of 1:2 or 1:3
  • Currently, 12 sessions are planned and mentors are all given the material for each session
  • Orientation sessions are conducted prior to each session so that the mentor understands the material to be covered
  • Sessions are conducted over weekends at a mutually agreed time. Each session runs from 1-2 hours
  • Either Hindi or Telugu is required for mentors to conduct these sessions, but not both.
  • Overall, mentors need to commit to around 5 hours a month; about 4 hours to conduct these sessions (2 sessions X 2) and 1 hour for attending the orientation sessions conducted by Kriti. There may be some additional prep time for the sessions

We have successfully completed the mentoring sessions for 2020-21 using this format. Volunteer testimonials are located here.

Grade 9 and 10 Children taking part in a workshop on the 50th anniversary of Moon Landing

Grade 9 and 10 Children taking part in a workshop on the 50th anniversary of Moon Landing.

Topics developed for grade 10

Topics developed for grade 10

Excursion to Sanjeevayya Park

 Excursion to Sanjeevayya Park

Zoom Mentoring Session for Grade 10 Students

Zoom Mentoring Session for Grade 10 Students

Student attends the Online Mentoring session

 Student attends the Online Mentoring session

Students participation in mentoring prog from Kriti

 Student attends the Online Mentoring session