Project Buniyaad, launched by Kriti in 2021, emerged as one of the most impactful initiatives undertaken in response to the low levels of primary education due to the impact of the Covid Pandemic. The project's aim was to bridge these learning gaps among primary level students.

The program emphasized language improvement (Telugu/Urdu and English) as well as math. It also focused on improving the cognitive abilities and gross motor and fine motor skills of students aged 6 to 11 years.

This program ran for two hours per day for a selected group of students in standard third and fourth who were studying in both government and private schools.

The project area was Shaikpet Mandal and Talabkatta- old city.

Major Interventions-
  • No of Batches: 23
  • No of Students enrolled: 655
  • No of teachers trained: 23

Impact of the Program:

The program directly impacted around 655 children and allowed scope to improve their basics in core subjects. Learning curve was high in Telugu than other subjects followed by Maths. English letters and words awareness is better compared to other subjects among children. Overall attendance of the children attending Buniyaad program improved, as they do not want to miss the classes. Buniyaad teachers could achieve the set objectives to around 70% to 80%.

Conclusion: Children selected for this program are low scorers in baseline and were trained in better learning skills through language and math basic concepts. The Teaching learning material, specially designed curriculum and worksheet material that we provided ensures children understand the concepts easily and creates an acceptable learning experience among children. At the end of the program children could reach their class level.

Baseline Assessment being conducted

Buniyaad workbooks distributed to the kids

Students introducing themselves in the first class

Learning Vowels activity

Learning shapes through coloring activity

Teachers training at Shaikpet

Teachers training at Talabkatta