Project Buniyaad, launched by Kriti in 2021, has emerged as one of the most impactful initiatives undertaken in response to the low levels of primary education due to the impact of the Covid Pandemic. The project's aim is to bridge these learning gaps among primary level students.

The program emphasizes language improvement (Telugu/ Urdu and English) as well as math. It also focuses on improving the cognitive abilities and gross motor and fine motor skills of students aged 6 to 11 years.

This program runs for two hours per day for a selected group of students in standard third and fourth who are studying in both government and private schools.

The project is currently active in Shaikpet Mandal and Talabkatta 2 mandal areas.

Major Interventions
  • No of Batches: 10
  • No of Students enrolled: 240
  • No of teachers trained: 10

Identifying schools: The Kriti team, with the assistance of stakeholders, conducts research to determine which schools and areas require this program. Following the selection of schools, the team meets with the school management to brief them on the project and gets an MOU signed.

Training Teachers: Before the program begins, teachers are hired and trained in the new methodologies. Initially, four days of classroom management and teaching skills training are provided. Subsequently, every month for 2 days per month, the teachers are scheduled for continuing training that will enable them to understand the concepts and learn various methodologies to impart the planned curriculum.

Creating Content : The Kriti Education team created the content for the buniyad programme, adhering to the framework of government textbooks to bridge the learning gap. This content helps them acquire the appropriate grade level abilities that they are missing. The students are given printed booklets containing worksheets from the specially designed curriculum, as well as necessary stationery.

Conducting Baseline and Endline test of students: The children are assessed using a baseline test. Children are selected based on their performance in the entry level assessment test which comprises written and oral skills. For each of the Buniyad batches, around 20 to 25 kids are chosen per batch from amongst the lowest scorers in the baseline test. Once the course is complete, to compare the children's development and assess their learning from entry level to exit level, an endline assessment is carried out.

Student Teacher Engagement: For five days a week, two hours per day, the sessions are scheduled. Games, art, and music are actively used in conjunction with exercise and movement-based learning. Worksheets are practiced in the class itself. There are activities that aid in improving the children's fine and gross motor skills along with Social development and thinking skills.

Baseline Assessment being conducted

Buniyaad workbooks distributed to the kids

Students introducing themselves in the first class

Students receiving books and stationery material

Students reciting phonetics