Sports is an essential activity for human development. Sports promotes good health, social interaction and healthy competition. Sports also benefits in improving teamwork and leadership abilities.

Sports for development is the approach for the Kriti Sports Program – Project Champion. It is based on the belief that play or sport is not just an end in itself but also an effective way to help achieve larger developmental goals.

Objectives of Project Champion

  • Improve development of coordination and other physical skills, as well as some understanding of how to maintain fitness of the body.
  • Improve self-esteem/ leadership/ team-work of the children
  • Mental Wellbeing of the child – Sports increases the child’s interest and enthusiasm to come to school.
  • Participation in inter-school events enabling the talented children to prove their mettle and increase their exposure.

Project Champion aims to ensure that each child gets at least 45 minutes of sports periods, three days a week. A trained instructor conducts the class which includes a mix of exercise and ball games. In some of the schools, a sports area or ground was available (nearby GHMC grounds), but in some schools we have helped to create the space.

In addition to exercise and ball games, older children are also taught sports such as football and volley ball. Sports equipment such as balls, tennikoit rings etc are also provided by Kriti.

Five sports teachers have been appointed across 6 schools (Sheikpet HS, Sheikpet PS, MGN PS, Ambedkar Nagar PS and BJR Nagar PS) impacting over 2000 children. We are working with a sports organisation called Wonder Sports to help us identify the teachers and provide them with the required training.

Summer camp in partnership with Hyderabad Runners

Interschool event amongst Kriti supported schools

Play area on roof top of Mahatma Gandhi Nagar primary school