Project Kaushal provides computer training to school going children and adults living in Shaikpet area (Film Nagar slums) in Hyderabad. A computer centre was opened in November 2019 and is housed in a government primary school.

  • The centre is open for all who are above 10 years of age and is open evenings (3:00-8:00 PM) and weekends.

  • Several courses are held throughout the year ranging from 2-4 months. Accelerated courses are held over weekends and during summers.

  • The centre is equipped with 13 Windows OS based desktop computers that can each accommodate a maximum of 2 students per computer and 8 Raspberry Pi kits that can accommodate 3 children per kit.

  • Each class has a maximum limit of 24 students (Covid regulations have reduced class sizes further), ensuring adequate computer time and focused attention from the instructor.

  • Curriculum for the courses is developed by the Kriti team in collaboration with volunteers from various MNC’s and also sourced from PiJam Foundation for Raspberry Pi.

  • Courses offered at Kaushal Centre:

    • Computer Basics – Including Typing, Internet usage, E-mail etc

    • Programming courses are being conducted in Scratch.

    • Website creation and programming using HTML and CSS.

    • Job skill readiness courses on Word, Excel etc.

  • Centre is also used as an e-learning centre for the government primary school children (grade 4 and 5 only) after 2:30 PM.


Kriti collaborated with Texoham Foundation to impart robotics training to children. Sponsored by Synchrony, the children were taught how to use Arduino kits along with various sensors and did a variety of experiments. The course was taught by Synchrony employees via zoom sessions. Some of the experiments included:

  • Using temperature sensitive sensors to trigger on and off when it senses presence of higher temperature
  • Timer and Clock driven experiments
  • Proximity sensors that were used along with a car to prevent collision

The excited children learned how to put circuits together and came up with more ideas of how to use the sensors to develop their own experiments. The kits were donated by Synchrony and the Kaushal Center will continue to offer this course to many more children.

Soft Skills

The courses in the center are popular with college students and those who are looking to upgrade their skills for better job opportunities. We have recently added a course on soft skills that will concentrate on getting these students job-ready. Topics such as communication skills, planning, behaviour in office environment, better traits for a successful career etc are taught to the students.

We are always looking for volunteers who can contribute their time towards developing curriculum and teaching the children the world of STEM education. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer with our team.

Kriti Kaushal Center

Children in Computer Basics Course

Children Attending Robotics Class

Students working on a Circuit in Robotics

Artwork in Paint by Naveen for Republic Day Competition