Project Kaushal is a project that provides computer skills training courses for children and adults. The project was launched in the year 2019 with an aim to impart free computer training to school age children and adults seeking to enhance job skills.

Understanding the basics of computer operations, Microsoft office suite with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, improving programming skills using Python, basics of website design, and Robotics courses are offered at the center. Each course ranges between two to four months. In order to prepare students for the workforce, soft skills are also included for individuals wishing to improve their skills for better employment chances.

Kriti opened its first Kaushal center in Film Nagar Slum(Shaikpet) and plans to open another center soon. The center is furnished with 8 Raspberry Pi kits and 13 desktop computers running the Windows OS, each of which is suitable for two pupils. As we are adhering to Covid restrictions, we have further decreased class sizes to a maximum of 18 pupils per session, thus ensuring ample computer time and the instructor's undivided attention for the children.

The Kriti team created the course material in conjunction with volunteers from different MNCs and other volunteers in house. The center remained closed during Covid lockdowns and some of the courses shifted to online mode.


Number of current courses : 07

Total No. of courses conducted since Inception (till Aug 2022) : 82

Total Enrollments : 1050

Total No. of students graduated : 880 (6th to 10th, Intermediate, Engineering and Degree)

Total No. of others graduated : 40 (Homemaker, Working people, School Teacher’s)

Attendance (%) : 94%

Total No. of schools covered : 15

Total No. of colleges covered : 05

Summary Information on Courses from Nov 2020 to Aug 2022

Course Course Type Number of Courses Conducted Number of Students
Basics Computer Skills Online 3 46
Basics Computer Skills Offline 32 429
MS Word Online 2 28
MS Word Offline 10 122
Robotics Offline 2 35
MS Excel Offline 4 50
Website designing Online/Offline 3 23
MS Powerpoint Offline 2 22
Python programming Online/Offline 5 39
Totals 63 794

Kriti Kaushal Center

Students in the Center for Basics Course

Artwork using “Paint” Software by Naveen

Students working on Robotics Circuit

Students received course completion certificates from Kriti trustee, Sreelata Chebrol and Texoham Founder, Mr Sahadev Komaragiri