Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, a number of families have lost income for several months. Due to the lack of income, any savings they may have are also wiped out in the current crisis. As the lockdown is slowly lifting, we are seeing that a number of maids, auto drivers and construction labour force are still not able to get back to work like before.

The government of Telangana is planning to announce re-start of schools (either online or in some safe manner) when lockdown is lifted. The first thing any child will require when he/she goes back to school are books, whether the school will be held online or offline. In talking to the parents and schools, we found that parents are not willing to send the children back to school as they do not have the money for books.

This project will enable the children to go back to school, allowing the parents to improve their focus on earning their livelihoods.

The Plan:

Kriti works with a number of government schools and private schools in the Shaikpet Mandal and has a good relationship with the school managements. Over the years, we have been partnering with the schools on a number of initiatives.

  • This project is targeting children in both Government and Private Schools. We would like to extend this program to about 12 government schools (both Primary and High schools) and 6 private schools in the Shaikpet Mandal.
  • Total around 7000 children will be impacted with about 5000 children in government schools and close to 2000 children in private schools.
  • This program will only support the children with notebooks.
  • Grades 1 to 5 will get about 14 notebooks (the types of notebooks are specified by the schools), and Grades 6 to 10 will get 15 Long Notebooks.
  • Total cost of the program, based on enrollment in these schools, is around 25 lakhs.
  • We will work with bulk suppliers in Begum Bazaar to get as low rates as possible for the notebooks.
  • Kriti Team will coordinate with all the schools-government and private-and ensure that all beneficiary (children) data is noted and we have a signature of parents/child when they are taking the books.

Combined Data for Private and Government Schools

Category Number of Children Rate Amount (Lakhs)
Primary School 4300 350 15 lakhs
High School 2700 375 10 lakhs
Total 7000 25 lakhs