Most children in the slums in Hyderabad are studying in small private schools near their homes. The fees for the schools work out to almost Rs 15000 per year per child on an average including the cost of books and uniforms. Families that face an income shock due to the death of the main bread winner, serious health issue for one of the family members or desertion by the spouse, are often unable to afford the fees and the children are pulled out of school.

Under Project Disha, we identify such children who are at risk of dropping out of school and provide them financial assistance to continue schooling till atleast Class X.

  • Children are selected based on evaluation of the financial position of the family. Orphan Children, Single parent families, families that are undergoing financial hardships due to illness, disability or death are selected.
  • School fees are paid for both girls and boys largely from classes III to X
  • Monthly mentoring sessions are held with the children to inculcate habits of reading, increase general awareness, STEM education, problem solving skills and communication.
  • Monthly workshops are also held with the mothers to increase their general knowledge. They are counselled and encouraged to start livelihood activities
  • The children are also taken for a picnic every year.

We have around 400 children enrolled in the program. Every year, some children exit the program - either because they have migrated out or because they have completed 10th grade. New children are added in their place.

Applications for new enrolments are issued in month of March and the families are interviewed in the months of April/May. The final list of children for the school year is published by the first week of June.

Women's mentoring session at Kriti office

Annual picnic for children under Project Disha

Career counselling workshop for Class X children